Self-development – Microsoft Virtual Academy

I would like to recommend to everyone a great source of technical training, which is Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA). You can find link to it in the right sidebar of my blog or go straight to

MVA is a great place to learn at own pace. Many of trainings are published then on Channel9 (, but some of them aren’t (and vice versa). There is a huge number of trainings available now and everyday it’s increasing. Many of them are also recordings from live events, so if you can’t participate, you can always watch them whenever you want.

As already mentioned before, many trainings are available on Channel9, however there’s something special what makes learning using MVA different and attractive. In order to finish given course you need to finish all the modules in it and each module has a ‚prove your knowledge’ part in which some questions needs to be answered based on watched material. Having such a perspective when watching videos, requires more focus during them in order to complete given quiz.

If you’re a fan of gamification then you can probably also find scores and achievements functionality quite relevant. That’s not in my case, however what I like the most (apart from great trainings) is a video platform which is able to remember where you left off. Add to this possibility to personalize your training plan and we’re good to go (no more hundreds and thousands of bookmarks in the browser).

One disadvantage I’ve noticed so far is the search. Really I can’t find anything using the search box, in fact it’s sometimes easier for me to search a training, which I know name (or part of it), using google (btw the same is true for Channel9 search – at least in my opinion).

Ok, that’s it for now, going back to my training plan on MVA 🙂