Ubuntu and VirtualBox

Every time Canonical releases new version of Ubuntu I give it a try. Every new version gets better and better and this time I felt that it requires more attention from me.

So I’ve installed the latest Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) on VirtualBox (these days I’m a huge fan of virtualization). However from my perspective with Linux there are always problems. This time was no different. The biggest problem I have with many virtualization platforms is to have it work in fullscreen mode. It always ends up with searching and reading many posts in the Internet, which doesn’t help in any case.

This time, in one of posts, I’ve found a solution. It seems like Ubuntu (probably many other distros also) requires proper VBox version also in order to get Guest Additions working correctly. For me installation of 4.2.18 did the trick and with Guest Additions installed user experience is pretty good.



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